Awesomest Journalism Party Event

Awesomest Journalism Party Event: Reno Party, March 2021

Harbouring thoughts of jovial antics? Well, if your living in the Reno area, then get your dancing shoes on as we make a return to Reno, Nevada to throw our 9th Awesomest Journalism Party, that will promise a night full of candy, drinks, music and plenty of regret the next morning.

Our Awesomest Journalism Party are infamously tied to the SXSW shows but now we are taking the show on the road a we do a tour of America and perhaps the planet.

The Awesomest Journalism Party will be head at the following address:

Silver Legacy Resort Casino

407 N Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89501

Doors: 8:00 to 04:00

Booking: +775 3257411

Tickets $65.00

Quick review of Casino

Reach for the centre of Reno! Silver Legacy is a beautiful resort in the centre of Reno. This casino is a decent mining city with all the modern conveniences that you want to visit at the casino. It is connected to other properties in the centre, but we will focus on this gem in the centre of Reno. And we travel!

Silver Legacy offers most games you want to play. In the large casino, which is full of slot machines and table games, you are sure to find what is floating on your boat. They have all models like dice, baccarat, roulette, 3 cards, 4 cards, pai gow and blackjack on a very low minimum table (it is not difficult to find a table for $ 5). Finding a place and trying your luck is usually not difficult. Good winnings with progressive offers and other safety contests. You have many cars. There are so many video poker and keno machines with good payouts (video poker 9-6 and 422 for six of the seven keno videos), and some machines have even been tagged with similar returns. I am still interested in engines, such as the Lord of the Rings website in the twilight area, where appropriate. The sports press seems a little dated because there are handwritten documents on the board, but I think the work always gets the job done. There are plenty of screens and bars nearby, so you don’t miss the game. Keno comes to other casinos, so you may need to ask someone for a problem. What worries me most is the lack of poker rooms. I always look for poker rooms when I visit casinos and unfortunately, they disappoint me. If you are looking for a poker shop you will not find it here. In short, it is a good casino with many gambling options and restrictions, but there is no poker room. Look and good luck!

Review of the sh*t that’s about to go down

Reno, cold, damp and windy, not likely, One thing that is definite, is Darkness and they are headlining the acts that will play at the Silver Legacy. Supporting them will be a band known to their parents as the Rews.

We did a check-in on the band during their London show in November 2019, this is what we experienced.

The Rews started with the songs “RIP my heart”, “Can You Feel It” and “Your Tears”. The group was very excited to see Shauna and her companions in the old energetic rock / pop scene, what you might call home cinema, because Shauna Tohill came from a good Ulster archive and a good music family. respected.

The ensemble would also pump, reflecting the attitude of the captivating punk band. The laughter on their faces is well deserved as they always offer very interesting music on a beautiful rocky reef. “Shake Shake”, “I miss you in the dark” and “Monster” keep the place alive.

As for the main act, Darkness was, as expected, a lively set and that’s all there is to it.

So, what you waiting for? Get the tickets and candy ready.