Pro Blackjack Player Arnold Snyder to give Speech at Journalism Party Main Event

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Making speeches that matter always set the tone for each monthly gathering of elite journalists. That event has been held for five years now. This month, the party is being honored by a veteran black belt holder in Blackjack, a Blackjack Hall of fame member and a professional gambler, Arnold Snyder. This article is an overview of the Journalism Party’s impact on journalists’ lives and the effect that Mr. Arnold Snyder’s speech will have on your future gambling successes. All journalists taking part in the party are eligible to win this year’s online journalism award.

Arnold Snyder Main Event Speech on Gambling

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Listening to this icon, no doubt, will liven up your game forever. The name Arnold Snyder should ring a bell. If it doesn’t, keep reading and you will definitely know him before you get to the end.

He is one of the few inducted into the BlackJack hall of fame. Arnold writes copiously and has published more than eight books on Blackjack strategies and how to play the game to win more money. He is also the editor of Black Jack Forum, a periodical journal for professional blackjack players online.

His speech will center on the simplification of the Blackjack game for you. This information will help you gain an advantage in gambling and make more money playing Poker. So, get ready to start putting to use the strategies you will learn because they have been tested and proven very efficient.

The Recent Awesome Journalism Party Venue

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The 10th event of the Journalism Party was scheduled to take place at the Sahara Las Vegas. The casino in that place interests many people because of the fun, relaxation, food, and the chance it provides attendees to get rich.

The casino offers different games that include blackjack tables, roulette, poker, and slot games. For example, the slot machines are separate from the poker rooms and placed at a reasonable distance to give serious poker players the privacy they need to concentrate on their games. To enhance a gambler’s well-being while playing your favorite games, its Italian restaurant provides you delicious food.

A Hobby of the Host of the Journalism Party

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Like all hard-working journalist who desires to escape the tedious task of creating stories and interviews, it’s normal to take a break from time to time. That’s what this host does when he gambles for leisure. Who knows what the outcome will be? A jackpot might just be around the corner.

This journalist usually bet on Poker, yet the organization is hosting a blackjack maestro this month. He believes that their events give you a chance to set yourself free after a chaotic workweek, to enjoy a night-life, and drink responsibly.

Journalism Event Speeches and Results

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Journalism Party organizes social events monthly to provide journalists who attend, a leisure night out. But through its main events speeches, it teaches ways of making money. The lecture by Arnold in this month’s main event will show you how to make money playing the game of blackjack.

While a few months back, the main event speech focused on gambling and its effect on a gambler’s life. The summary of that lecture was that gambling could negatively impact the gamblers’ finances, leading to the difficulty of paying bills. Also, the mental effect of gambling includes mood swings.

The speaker explained that most casinos and sports betting operators are against gambling addiction and donate money to organizations that care for addicted gamblers.

Event to be Covered in the Media by

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We are pleased to announce that this year’s event will be covered by which is an online casino news website. Photographers and journalists conducting interviews and capturing all the fun will be seen zig zagging across the floor. So come looking as your best and put those party shoes on.