The Awesomest Journalism Party Ever

This Party Ends in A&E : WeLcOmE to The AWsomEsT jOurnALism PartY EveR


Sidewinding into everything and nothing to discover that nothing makes sense here and nothing will make sense when you attend the greatest living party that has come into existence.

There are wrong and right ways to do things. Especially when music, people, good feelings, alcohol and candy are involved.

Derived from chaotic madness and heated SXSW debauchery, the Awesomest Journalism is an annual nonsense with the most untalented journo’s on the planet.

If you have not attended of heard of the Awesomest Journalism Party, then let us share with you and insight into the mind of a full time raver that has been made for it since day one, the creator and host of The Awesomest Journalism, gonzo-writer, amateur cameraman and purveyor of herbs and candy, Mr Tom - not so – Jones..

The Host

Hosting for over five years, I found several ways to enjoy a better nightlife without my body and soul following a larger-than-normal lifestyle. I thought I couldn’t go back like 9-5 every day, so I look like it today.

Here are some jewelry that has been collected by progressive clubs that have learned from amateur prostitutes.

Have no shame

Now that the world knows that the NSA monitors all messages sent around the world, there is no doubt that not all text messages we send are stored in more complete folders than those opened, displayed, and exponentially expanded. But is it really a bad thing? Bruce Bartholow, professor of psychology at Columbia, University of Missouri, remarked that science doesn’t think that drinking too much alcohol doesn’t know what you’re doing - it’s just that you don’t have to worry about all of its effects.

In other words, the more you drink the text, the more courage and chance we have to meet in the deepest corners of our lives; Confess true feelings towards your friends, your family, hell, even the officers said our password. I can only write 1-2 people, but now I know the text is not afraid, I need to receive messages from me every day. 3:00 p.m. I even went to the phone to renew the keyboard by clicking on the sound effects, so everyone around me knew that your success rate was increasing rapidly!

Release your inner warrior

“This is my song!” No, EVERY song is your song.

Music is the judge, jury and implementer of good vibrations, vibrating everyone’s body and mind at night. Accessing the club through “good” and “bad” ideas that you suspected were lost may limit the possibility of enduring ecstasy, encouraged by Endorfin. Oh, and it also contaminates the real ecstasy you took 5 minutes ago, when you expected dubstep to follow you.

To hell with poverty

How many times have you never visited a place just because you don’t want to pay for a little overview? It’s more than cheap, it’s a useless deal that prevents you from experiencing the event you want as a “free before 10 pm” event. Want a free experience that will make you sticky and smelly abroad? Get free cologne samples at the mall’s perfume department. It’s the same impression that people get when you talk about David Guetta’s automatic ear infection sync playlist, which almost gives the impression that everyone knows about the lazy DJ books. The cover fee is $ 15. Play Guard $ 20.

Drink more water (consume more alcohol and candy)

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that you urinate more, which causes dehydration as the main cause of hangover and nausea. That’s why water is your best friend. When you have thought for years that drinking water is banned for fear of having less space for alcohol, you know that this trick will keep you working for a long time because you are constantly thinking.

More to celebrate = middle finger in a boring life

Boredom is not because you have too many parties or erectile dysfunction to enjoy. As with everything, having the right tools for intelligent tasks will yield greater profits and profits.

  •  More drunken texts
  •  Don’t dance anymore
  •  No more mixing
  •  More alcohol
  •  More medicine

Less ego stumbles = Live with real satisfaction and some time for an Instagram account dedicated to posting public motivational quotes about getting up at 1 p.m. 5 in the morning to smell the fresh grass in the forest. Many people eventually regret and regret not having done enough. Who knew that eating water spinach is not the solution to everything? Follow this guide and one day you have the right to send a special letter to everything in life that has tried to prevent you from celebrating more.

Once you know the basics, you can control everything that makes you shine. Go ahead and make your future children proud.

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